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"The original Mille Lacs on-line fishing report"
Courtesy of Lundeen's Tackle Castle and Guide Service

Last updated 8-15-14
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The Minnesota DNR has announced the 2014 regulations for Mille Lacs:

Walleye: Two fish 18-20 inches. One may be longer than 28 inches. Northern Pike: Ten fish. One may be longer than 30 inches. Season closes March 29, 2015. Bass: Six total smallmouth and largemouth combined. One smallmouth may be longer than 18 inches. Season opens Saturday, May 10. Lake is exempt from mid-September catch-and-release smallmouth regulation. Bass may be caught through Sunday, Feb. 22, 2015. Tullibee (Northern Cisco): Possession limit is 10. Other Species: Follow statewide regulations. No Culling Night Closure: The night ban will be lifted at 10PM on July 21st, 2014.

You'll notice that some regs have been relaxed or even temporarily eliminated. The night ban will be lifted at 10PM on July 21st, 2014. Most of the other regulations have changed to the Mille Lacs angler's advantage - the bass season coincides with the walleye season (May-Feb.), the northern limit has been increased to 10, darkhouse spearing will open December 1st and the northern season has been extended through March 15. All changes have been labeled "experimental/temporary", meaning that some or all of them will be tweaked down the road. Some folks like the changes, some hate them, some will tolerate them and some won't. Kind of like how they make red cars and blue cars... different things are important to different people.

... The night ban has been lifted for 2014.

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... (8-15)There's a handful of muskie/northern guys and some evening "bobber folk" around this week... that's about it! The bite is similar to what we've seen here over the last few weeks - a few here, a few there but certainly no different than we see every year about this time except for a good number of small walleye that seem to be pretty hungry. Stick to leeches under a bobber or deep-water trolling for your best chance at some walleye. Crawfish and perch are your best color patterns. Smallmouth action is still decent in 8-15 feet. A leech/slip bobber or mid-sized plastics (flukes, tubes or craws) work best.

Yes, we still have leeches.

... (8-7)The overall bite has been a little better so far this week. Walleye action has improved although a lot of the fish are small - some of them are REALLY small! It looks like there are a couple of strong year classes coming up. It will be several years before they are "cleanable". To anyone who likes to troll leadcore: be sure to check your lines often. We're hearing from quite a few people who reel in their lines prior to moving to a new area and find that they have been dragging a 9 incher around! We like to check the lines about every 15 minutes or so - clear off the spiney water fleas, change baits and sometimes unhook a hitch-hiker. Most modern depthfinders have a "timer" in their menu... one of those things we pay for but most of us never use. Set the timer - clear the lines. Smallmouth action seems to go in "waves" or "windows" throughout the day. When they're on, they're on! Stick to 8 feet and deeper on the rocks with 4 inch tubes or grubs, deep-diving crankbaits or slip bobbers and live bait. Some of the better smallmouth spots this week include Brown's Point, Sherman's Point and Izaty's Reef. Much of the northern/muskie activity has been on the north end this week. 9-14 feet is best.

Yes, we still have leeches.

Are you unfamiliar with this whole "lead-core trolling" thing? Stop in and we can help - we've got the line, baits, rods and reels OR... you can drop off your reel and we'll spool it for you. We even have reels all spooled-up and ready to go as well as rod/reel combos ready-to-go.

As we reported on Monday , the night ban on Mille Lacs that was scheduled to run until December 1, 2014 will be cancelled at 10PM Monday, July 21, 2014.

Be sure to turn on your navigational lights before sunset: "Navigation lights must be on from sunset to sunrise" (see sunrise/sunset schedule at end of booklet).

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