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Why do I need a guide?

That's a good question! Nearly all of our customers might answer that one a little differently. I'll start with the "corporate outing" - A company might have customers, sales staff or contest qualifiers that the company wants to recognize in a special way. We can take care of all the details - this leaves the boss open to be with the guests.

Maybe you're coming to Minnesota for a wedding, vacation or business? There's no need to tote all your fishing stuff through the airport or jam it into your car - we provide ALL bait and tackle. We'll see to it that you have the right equipment for the day.

How about the "cabin owner" who has company coming to town? No need to worry about finding extra poles, life jackets, cleaning the fish or whatever... we'll take your guests for you - or better yet, why don't you ALL come!

Then there's the folks who fish once in a while, have their own boat but may not be "up" on some of the current techniques we use here on Mille Lacs. We can show you some tips on how we use slip bobbers, bottom bouncers, live bait rigs and more!

What should I look for in a guide?

Look for someone who has YOUR interest in mind. Do you want to refine a particular technique? Do you want to try a 'new" approach that you haven't had a chance to try? Do you want to let the guide use his best judgement? Are you interested in chasing a trophy?

There's all kinds of folks who consider themselves "guides" - especially on Mille Lacs. Some tournament anglers consider themselves guides; some "locals" consider themselves guides; some guys with a GPS and their name on their outboard motor consider themselves guides... the list goes on. Before we put a new guide on staff at Lundeen's Tackle Castle, we do OUR homework. All of our regular guides hold Master's Licenses from the State of Minnesota. Each is insured. They all have the equipment, knowledge and talent to represent our business well. That's what I look for in a guide.

Do you guarantee fish?

This might be one of the most commonly asked questions we get. In short, no we don't. We can no more guarantee fish than a baseball player can guarantee he'll get a hit, or a weatherman can guarantee a sunny day. Can our guide service improve your odds of catching fish? We think so.